2019-01-08_0947“Targeted, adaptive, personalized, and immediately impactful. Those are the things that first come to mind when I think about the professional development experience Lisa Westman provided for our district. She has the unique ability to take research-based strategies and transform them into real-world applications that all educational professionals can implement into their daily work. Her wealth of experience combined with her innovation and creativity have the power to shift mindsets, instill confidence, and expand the capacity of teachers and leaders. Working with Lisa is not a one-size-fits-all approach to professional development; it is the beginning of a partnership that will ensure sustainable change and development throughout your organization.”
Neil Lesinski, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, District 155, Crystal Lake, IL

“Lisa’s work is a game changer for us in our district. While the concept of Differentiation is certainly not new in education, Lisa’s ideas of how to incorporate it into classrooms that are now filled with diverse learning styles is new. Lisa’s work with us is making us think and talk in different ways. I can’t wait to see the shift in our district over time as we continue working with her.”

Dr. Pam Gould, Superintendent of Schools, Sandwich Public Schools, Sandwich MA


“Hello Everyone!

I wanted to pass a message along that working with Lisa has been a great use of my time and has really shown me simple ways to start to turn my class into a differentiated environment. 

Lisa will really take the time with you to figure out what ways will work best for your classroom. My first thought was “this is going to take a lot of work” and was a bit overwhelming, but Lisa showed me how to start small and just manipulate what I’m already doing into a differentiated method. I have already seen some big changes with my students in the small amount of time that I have been implementing these strategies. 

If you are questioning joining a session, you should definitely do it! Also, if you have any questions about the sessions feel free to email me, I would be happy to answer them. 
Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful weather!!”
Alisa Welter, Harvard High School Mathematics Teacher, Harvard, IL (in an email to her colleagues)

On Apr 1, 2019, at 7:54 PM, Madison Datz wrote

Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to share my results of RUOS unit 3 with you. I am very pleased with my student growth, and just wanted to thank you for your help. It was such a good idea to make exit tickets for the Lucy unit, since she didn’t have any, and then pull small groups according to the pre-test and exit ticket data. I think it made a difference. Also, giving my kids an option to tell me their answer instead of writing it was such a great idea in terms of differentiating the assessment.
 I am going to keep doing this moving forward with my units. It’s been my most successful small groups, and UOS growth.  I’d love to meet again sometime before the end of the year to talk more about small groups. Maybe during a team planning?
Thanks again, you really are such a big help Lisa!

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